* Monitor and accountable for individual and regional property revenue performance with Commercial deep dive meetings and regular performance calls with senior property leaders.

* Develop key focus initiatives, long-term revenue strategies and implement seamless execution.

* Evaluating revenue centers, guiding and leading annual budget and/or forecast processes.

* Execute regular property/ market visits to consult on adaption to the change of business environment.

* Review and monitor effective Incentive schemes and Policy & Procedures.

* Implement and execute relevant crisis plans in order to protect property GOP.


* Consumer & Third-party partnership acquisition to drive sustainable revenues to the organisation.

* Embed effective „bask-to-basics initiative“ to capture base revenues and foster market oriented yield management.

* Collaborate with external partners to develop enhancements including Web optimisations (S.E.O.), photography, content management and usability.

* Drive total revenue management culture and measure success metrics.

* Develop effective sales approach including tactics, key selling points and benefit whereby monitoring business flows to minimise bottle-necks.

* Oversee multi-lingual Public relations activities to enhance brand awareness, social responsibility, media recognition and sentiment.

* Analyse and review contracts, content and legal aspects in co-ordination with the finance and legal department.

* Drive consumer referral program within the organisation.


* Drive corporate marketing Initiatives and ensure full brand alignment within the organisational parameters.

* Ensure seamless communication with global, regional, area sales offices and consumers or end-users.

* Evaluate, plan & execute brand or cluster initiatives (fex. Sales Closing Days) with relevant departments.

* Implement, monitor and measure effective short-term, tactical or long-term Marketing plans and activities including Distribution and/or Digital in conjunction with Field and/or Brand Marketing team.

* Support new projects with effective marketing coverage in relevant markets.

* Ensure brand and business blueprints are in place and executed in all areas whereby supported by brand marketing and senior leaders.


* Ensure error free systems with growing web, direct, third-party & GDS performance.

* Monitor Data Integrity and reporting on weekly/ monthly basis.

* Implement well functioning E-Commerce team within the region with focus on social media sentiment results.


* Develop and mentor talent pipeline to satisfy future company expansion and growth.

* Seamless On-boarding of commercial leaders and execute evaluation process (KPI/ PDP) for senior leaders.

* Monitor individual contribution, engagement and execution including performance metrics.

* Facilitate Brand related and commercial training's.

* Service as role model ensuring leadership competencies includes brand commitment, champion change, lead & develop, work collaboratively whereby driving for results.


* Work with consumer insight data, market analysis and trends to detect business opportunities to grow network and open potential new revenue streams.

* Commercial Pre-opening including Brand positioning, S.W.O.T. analysis, competition evaluation, market evaluation, commercial feasibility and pre-opening budgets.

* Consult corporate office with „Project Dragon“, „Meeting Mission Possible“ & Commercial Work stream & structure“.

* Review organisation structures to alternate and drive higher profit margins.

* Facilitate potential investment opportunities to support company growth with the development department.


* Monitor customer satisfaction index, response times, business flow, product quality standards and recognition/ loyalty programs.